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Facilities and Services


All of our spacious units have their own private outdoor enclosure, which your cat will have 24/7 access to through a cat door (this can be hooked open for cats that do not know how to use a cat door). All units have a large shelf with a mattress and a secondary platform, which helps them to get to the top shelf, but also doubles as a viewing platform and scratch pad. We do also have a variety of beds available to suit most cats. The outdoor enclosure is where they can go to enjoy the fresh air and relieve themselves. 

Prices are per day.

Our prices will be increasing as of 1st February 2024. The new prices are as shown below in red.

Single Unit - 1 cat is $18  |  2 cats is $30    (1 cat will be $20  |  2 cats will be $34)

Includes one inside unit and one outdoor enclosure. And with two cats they are given an extra litter tray, food dishes and bedding. For two cats that are sharing a unit, we like to let them out as much as possible. And if they don't like to socialize or aren't ready to socialize with the other cats, we will let them out regularly by themselves. 

2 Units - 2 cats is $36  |  3 cats is $48     (2 cats will be $40  |  3 cats will be $54)

Includes two single units which contains two inside units and two outdoor enclosures. There is also the option of having two separate units (where they will have no access to each other) or two adjoining units (where they will be able to move between the two units and be together). We can let them out by themselves in the outdoor run during the day or in the inside play area during the night. This is sometimes necessary, if they like being together, but don't like other cats or may not be ready to socialize.

3 Units - 3 cats is $54     (3 cats will be $60)

Includes three single units which contain three inside units and three outdoor enclosures. There is also the option of having three separate units, two adjoining with one separate, or we do also have one set of three adjoining units, if they would all like to be together. This depends entirely on how well the cats get along with each other in an enclosed area.

Long-term accommodation

Stays of 21 days or more will receive a 10% discount and have the option of paying half the bill on arrival and half the bill on departure, paying weekly installments over the duration of their stay or paying the entire bill on departure.


Feel free to bring a favourite blanket or their bedding from home. Some people like to bring an old jersey or t-shirt, as something familiar can be of comfort to a timid cat.

How we care for your cat

Every cat has a different personality, so we spend time to get to know each cat's personality and work with what they are comfortable with. We will spend extra time to make the shy cats comfortable with us. Our office is situated in the cattery's main play area, so we can spend even more time with the cats.


We offer transportation for our guests to and from our facility on request. This must be prearranged before the date of transportation is required.


Raumati or Paraparaumu - $25.00

Waikanae or Paekakariki - $30.00 

Wellington Airport - $90.00   

Feel free to contact us for a quote for any other regions 

Payment Options


Eftpos (no credit cards)


Checking in process
Before checking in...
  • Fill out a customer information form and sign the back to show you have read our terms and conditions

  • Cat has a current vaccination

  • Cat has been flead and wormed

  • Cat is spayed or neutered

Checking in...

  • Show staff cat's current vaccination certificate

  • Staff will show you to your cat's unit for the duration of his/her stay

Food and Diet

We stock Royal Canin's Sensible biscuits and a selection of wet foods to suit most tastes. If there are any special dietary requirements, we are happy for you to provide this.

Cat Health

We are happy to  administer any medication or injections required. Daily signed records will be kept to ensure all needs will be met. There will be no extra cost incurred for this service.



Please ensure your cat is up to date with their flea and worm treatment. Should the need arise to treat your cat for either of these you will incur a $15 charge for flea treatments and $24 for worm treatments. Please do not use flea collars.


Cats must be spayed or neutered before admittance.


A current vaccination certificate is essential and must be provided at time of arrival. And vaccination must be completed no less then 10 days prior to boarding.


Please be aware that if your cat's vaccination is well over due they may need a 3 week booster after their vaccination before they are fully protected. (This will depend on your vet).

In putting your cat in our care you are giving us permission to take your cat to the vet if required, we will try contact you or your emergency contact before doing so, also any knowledge of pre-existing conditions will help us to care for your cat to the best of our ability.

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